WFAC Holds Annual Banquet

The Waynesboro First Aid Crew held it’s annual banquet on January 7, 2017. It was a night of reflection on the year that was 2016 and a night to look forward to 2017. In addition to food and drinks, the annual awards for 2016 were given and are listed below. Our annual “Year in Review” Slideshow is also below for you to view.


Chief’s Award:
Sean Perry

 President’s Award:
Kelly Sprouse

 Community Service Awards:
Waynesboro Department of Emergency Management
Mark Baber of “Mr. Auto Disposal”

Harlan “Pop” Senger Memorial ~ Senior Officer of the Year:
Matt Wells

Harold H. “Jack” Hess Crewmember of the Year:
Sean Perry

Years of Service Recognition (service year pin)

3 Years Service:
Whitney McCormick

5 Years Service:  Josh Sprouse, Kenny Hyden, Jeremy Wampler, Mike Gibson, Jeremiah Fish, Sean Perry, Rebecca Frend, and Courtney Lotts

10 Years Service:  Matthew Cowherd

Kyle Southern Memorial “Service Above Self” Award:
Ashley Cook

Waynesboro First Aid Crew “Employee of the Year” Award:
Aaron Bunch

Waynesboro First Aid Crew Senior Lifetime Membership:
Matthew Cowherd

Waynesboro First Aid Crew Auxiliary Lifetime Membership:
Jill Stachowski

Call of the Year Recognition Award:

For Mr. William Boggs

Waynesboro Public Safety Departments involved:

Waynesboro First Aid Crew:

Adam Gillispie – Paramedic

Amy Modlin – EMT

Amanda Loreti – EMT-Intermediate

Jeremy Wampler – Paramedic

Kelly Sprouse – EMT

Lisa Hiveley – EMT

Waynesboro Emergency Operations Center:

Crystal Harris – 911 Telecommunicator

Sarah Holmes – 911 Telecommunicator

Justin Tyree – 911 Telecommunicator

Waynesboro Police Department:

Christopher Hilliard – Sergeant

Travis Kimmel – Patrol Officer

Waynesboro First Department:

 A Shift (Names are to come)

WFAC Offering AHA Heartsaver® CPR for Non-Healthcare Professionals *NOW CLOSED*


When: October 3, 2016


Course Description: This course is for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs a course completion card in CPR and AED use to meet job, regulatory or other requirements.

Heartsaver CPR AED is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches adult, child and infant CPR and AED use, as well as how to relieve choking.

To register for this course or for any questions, please call Amanda at 540-319-0182 or email her at


Waynesboro First Aid Crew Participates in National Night Out

August 2016 – Staff and volunteers from the Waynesboro First Aid Crew participated in “National Night Out” at Target in Waynesboro. The event is held to allow the public to get up close and personal with emergency services in the area.

Agencies in attendance were;

Waynesboro First Aid Crew

Waynesboro First Aid Crew Auxiliary

Waynesboro Fire Department

Shenandoah Regional Airport Fire Department

Waynesboro Police Department

The Virginia State Police

The Virginia Department of Inland Game and Fisheries

The Virginia Department of Forestry

The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office

Augusta County Fire & Rescue

Staunton Augusta Rescue Squad

Staunton Police Department

Several Towing Services

Below is a gallery of some of the events that took place, including a live demonstration of vehicle extrication techniques performed by Waynesboro First Aid Crew and Waynesboro Fire Department using Squad 2.

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New Slide

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WFAC Members Recognized by CSEMS Council

On June 1, 2016 at the 2016 Regional EMS Awards Ceremony, Central Shenandoah EMS Council’s Education Division publicly recognized and thanked several adjunct faculty members and preceptors who have served our accredited EMS education programs with distinction over the last year.

With the approval and full support of the Board of Directors, the Council will begin to annually recognize individuals in the following categories:

Field Preceptor with Most Service Hours

Field Preceptor with Highest Student Rating

Clinical Preceptor with Highest Student Rating

BLS Faculty Member of the Year

ALS Faculty Member of the Year

For the 2015 calendar year, the Waynesboro First Aid Crew had two employees take home two awards.

Josh Wimer NRP
Josh Wimer NRP

Duty Sergeant Joshua D. Wimer, NRP, took home Field Preceptor with Most Service Hours

Mike Gibson EMT-I
Mike Gibson EMT-I

Mike Gibson, Part Time EMT-Intermediate took home Field Preceptor With The Highest Student rating.

Congratulations to these two employees. Other award winners from the council were,

Chris Moyer, Intermediate, Field Preceptor with Highest Student Rating Augusta County Fire-Rescue

Molly Karabinus, RN-BSN, CEN, Clinical Preceptor with Highest Student Rating—Sentara RMS Medical Center

Sheri Sheetz, EMT, BLS Faculty Member of the Year—Mt. Solon Fire & Rescue

Congratulations to all of these outstanding providers who continue to place education first!

Waynesboro First Aid Crew Alerted For Water Rescue

BOAT 1 - Water Rescue
BOAT 1 – Water Rescue

May 30, 2016- The Waynesboro First Aid Crew and Dooms Fire Company were alerted for a water rescue on the evening of May 29th.

Within 4 minutes, WFAC C-Shift personnel had Squad 2 deployed as well as Response 10 with Boat 1 in tow. As additional reports came in, it was determined that three people were in the river near Crimora, but their location was otherwise unknown.

Upon arrival, Boat 1 was deployed downstream and the search was started. At the same time additional WFAC personnel arrived and started searching down stream on foot.

All WFAC apparatus and personnel were as follows;

  • Response Unit 10/Boat 1 – Shane Wheeler NRP and Courtney Stachowski EMT
  • Medic 3 – Nicolas Shifflett EMT and Mike Gibson EMT-I
  • Squad 2 – Eric Cash NRP
  • Josh Wimer NRP, Tammy Cash EMT, Chief Matt Wells EMT, and David Price EMT arrived via private vehicle to assist
  • Derek Price AEMT, Kenny Hyden NRP, and Mish Moody AEMT remained in the City of Waynesboro to provide emergency coverage for additional calls.

Dooms Engine 90 was also on scene with their own personnel and assisted greatly with the operation.

The lost people were found safe within 3 hours.

The WFAC would like to thank the Virginia State Police, The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, The Augusta County Emergency Communications Center, and The Waynesboro Emergency Operations Center for all of their help!



WFAC Celebrates EMS Week 2016

EMTs Lisa Hively (left) and Amanda Peduto (right) as well as Paramedic Josh Wimer (center) celebrate at the Augusta Health ED
EMTs Lisa Hiveley (left) and Amanda Peduto (right) as well as Paramedic Josh Wimer (center) celebrate at the Augusta Health ED after an emergency call.

The Waynesboro First Aid Crew celebrated National EMS Week from May 15-21.  National Emergency Medical Services Week brings together local communities and medical personnel to publicize safety and honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.”

Augusta Health showed their appreciation by offering snacks, drinks, and “goodies” such as pens and trauma shears. Every day of the week had new sponsors, Air Care 5 and Carilion Life-Guard were also sponsors. Also a raffle was held everyday that offered a large prize to one lucky EMS provider who came by the ER after a call. Prizes included gift bags and some very expensive Littman stethoscopes.

Waynesboro First Aid Crew administration also held a picnic on the May 22 to show their appreciation to their staff. The WFAC ladies auxiliary provided a fantastic meal, as always, and several door prizes were handed out. Some lucky employees also won drawings for a free 12 hours of vacation time.

From all of us here at the Waynesboro First Aid Crew, we wish all EMS providers a happy EMS week!

WFAC Receives The 2016 Mission Lifeline Gold Award


May 2016- The Waynesboro First Aid Crew has received the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline® EMS Gold Award for implementing quality improvement measures for the treatment of patients who experience severe heart attacks.Every year, more than 250,000 people experience an ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) the most deadly type of heart attack caused by a blockage of blood flow to the heart that requires timely treatment. To prevent death, it’s critical to restore blood flow as quickly as possible, either by mechanically opening the blocked vessel or by providing clot-busting medication.

Unfortunately, a significant number of STEMI patients don’t receive this prompt reperfusion therapy, which is critical in restoring blood flow. Mission: Lifeline seeks to save lives by closing the gaps that separate these patients from timely access to appropriate treatments. Mission: Lifeline’s EMS recognition program recognizes emergency medical services for their efforts in improving systems of care and improving the quality of life for these patients.

Emergency Medical System providers are vital to the success of Mission: Lifeline. EMS agencies perform 12-lead ECGs which measure the electrical activity of the heart and can help determine if a heart attack has occurred.
They also follow protocols derived from American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology guidelines. These correct tools, training, and practices allow EMS providers to rapidly identify suspected heart attack patients, promptly notify the medical center, and trigger an early response from the awaiting hospital personnel.

Agencies that receive the Mission: Lifeline Gold award have demonstrated at least 75 percent compliance for each required achievement measure for two years.

First Aid Crew Wins State Award

Volunteers with the Waynesboro First Aid Crew hear a bell and jump into action. Volunteer Greg Payne helped the crew win first place at a statewide rescue squad competition. “We work well as a team, so no matter what was thrown at us, we knew we could get it accomplished,” said Payne. Seven volunteers had 15 minutes to find injuries and to treat patients in an exercise. The crew uses mannequins to learn what to do, but they also do drills on real people. That way, they can respond to EMTS about their situation. Payne said the adrenaline helped them focus on their task. “Even though you’re working on a simulation or a dummy, it’s just like working on a real person. You go in there and you know you have a job to do, and even though there’s a mannequin laying there on the floor, you treat it like a real person.

”It is that training that Robbi Blackburn, another volunteer, said helps people know how to handle a real emergency. “All of the practices that we go through, all of the district competitions that we go through, it makes it all worthwhile,” said Blackburn.  That worthwhile feeling of winning has the crew motivated until next year’s competition. “I just jumped for joy. Chairs were flying,” said Payne. “This is a top award that you want to win. The adrenaline and the joy and the team, all of us jumped.”The Waynesboro First Aid Crew gets about 5,000 calls a year and they have about 75 volunteers.  They are eligible for an international competition next year because the crew won this award.

Remembering Kyle Southern

After passing away a year and a half ago, one fallen Valley emergency responder is being honored at anational event.The Waynesboro First Aid Crew lost a hero in January 2012.

Although he’s gone, he’s not forgotten. Timothy Kyle Southern was killed in a car accident on his way to a call. Kyle was a emergency responder for Waynesboro. “He cared about everybody.

He always wanted to be everybody’s friend. He never wanted to see anybody hurt or picked on or whatever. He always tried to take somebody under his wing and help them,” said Tim Southern, Kyle’s father. Kyle will be honored Sunday by the National EMS Memorial service. “To us it really makes us feel really good and heart warming to know that someone here in the first aid crew or someone in the community nominated him for such a high honor,” said Southern. Kyle’s family received a check from the Waynesboro First Aid Crew to pay for part of the trip to Colorado. “Not very many other organizations would give you three or $400 towards a trip. So it really means something that they think enough of Kyle to give us that, to go on the trip,” said Southern. Receiving the honor means a lot to the Waynesboro crew. Thomas Stevens was Kyle’s friend for 14 years.

He said when Kyle died, it hit home. “For several weeks, it took us to actually realize he was gone. We talk about him all the time, all the crazy things we’ve done here,” said Stevens. Kyle’s family knows he died doing what he loved. “He really enjoyed it.

He loved the winter time here with the first aid crew. He loved the bad storms. He loved being out and about with all the crew people here,” said Southern. Kyle’s family will leave on Friday for the ceremony in Colorado Springs. His former co-workers said, Kyle was very fun and loved telling jokes.