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Commonwealth of Virginia EMT Patch
Commonwealth of Virginia EMT Patch

The Waynesboro First Aid Crew trains our volunteers to become Emergency Medical Technicians and will also sponsor the volunteer to continue their education up through to the Paramedic level if they decide that this is what they want for their future. Becoming a volunteer with the Crew is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to succeed in the medical field. In addition to the education that is offered, this opportunity also promotes volunteerism within the community. Our agency is committed to giving back to the community and providing the best emergency medical care possible!

If you wish to volunteer with us we strongly suggest that you take a look at our “What is an EMT?” page. There you will find a description of what it takes to start your EMS career! While you are there, feel free to take the time to look at the other levels of certification that you can strive for once you become an EMT.

If it looks like this is the path you want to take, and you want to start giving back to your community, visit us to get an application or download and print it by clicking HERE. Then all you then have to do is; fill it out, have the proper signatures notarized, and either mail it to the Crew, or drop your application off in person. You can find our address on the Contact Us page, or on the side of this page.

After your application is processed you will be contacted for an interview. During the interview, questions will be asked that judge your character, morality, and how you are overall as a person. Don’t stress about medical questions, as you do not have to have prior experience to start volunteering at the Crew.

After your interview, a criminal background check must be completed. This is done for anyone who wishes to be a part of any rescue squad in Virginia. This process can take some time, and it is out of our hands, as all of our background checks go to the FBI for processing. Please do not get discouraged if you do not hear back from us for up to 45 days. After your background check is completed, you will be contacted so you can be officially added to the roster, and you can begin taking the steps required to begin your EMS career.

After you are a member, our training officer will work with you to help you with getting the required training and certifications so you can start helping your community as soon as possible!